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About Galen

I’m an Executive Coach for entrepreneurs.

After beginning my career as a strategy consultant at BCG and as a tech M&A advisor, I’ve spent the last 6 years working full-time as a profitable entrepreneur:

  • I’ve tested 20+ businesses, 3 of which generated $1m+ in sales

  • At my last business, Advisable.com, my cofounder and I raised $1m VC funding, grew 20% MoM for 2 years to $200k monthly bookings, then raised $3m in the middle of the pandemic

I’ve spent 2021 training and working as an Executive Coach for entrepreneurs, coaching & mentoring 100s of entrepreneurs at leading accelerator programs (Techstars, Entrepreneur First) and in my private coaching practice.

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Galen Lowney

Executive Coach. I help entrepreneurs clarify their most authentic ambitions and reconnect to the power of their innermost confidence. If you’re ready to be challenged to become the leader you know you can be, then hit subscribe.